Linking the competences and validation related needs of educationally disadvantaged learners in adult education with the European and National Qualification Frameworks. [November 2015 – Mai 2018]

Educationally disadvantaged learners face a significant gap between quantity and quality of their life related and occupationally relevant knowledge and competences they have and their lack of corresponding qualifications that are valued in education and on the labour market. This pertains to outcomes of prior and current learning in informal and non-formal contexts, as well as formal qualifications acquired outside of the EU territory. Especially for educationally disadvantaged learners in adult learning, access to validation that would translate their competences into an increased employability and social inclusion is still lacking.

Concerning the validation of qualifications and competences, there ist not yet a coherent approach across or within EU member states – but a mix of diverse, sometimes contradicting policies, structures and practices. Adult education and its validation links to other validation stakeholders have to be better established to provide meaningful avenues to formal education and labour market integration. This poses a challenge especially for small and middle class scale adult education providers to identify and implement best practices in validation, including linkages to other sectors.

The main aim of this project is to contribute to improving the access of educationally disadvantaged learners to an adequate validation that translates their individually and economically significant informal, non-formal and foreign formal learning outcomes into qualifications improving their social inclusion.

Therefor this project works on following objectives:

  • report the status quo and good practice examples in validation of competences of educationally disadvantaged learners, including linkages to relevant public, private and third sector actors
  • formulate recommondations with a special focus on the validation needs of educationally disadvantaged adult learners
  • design methods and tools for adult educators working with educationallydisadvantaged learner groups
  • disseminate intellectual outputs, trainings and training materials to other public, private and third sector adult education providers

[text based on project-description by Iven Saadi]