alphaAssociazione Alpha
is a cultural association which aim is promoting the well-being of citizens over 50, with a special focus on citizens who, for socio-economic, disability, cultural reasons risk being discriminated.The members of ALPHA have experience in working in national and international contexts, mainly the LLP EU programmes, and they bring their experience and networks in the association.
baobabAssociació Baobab
directs its services primarily to third sector organisations, associations and non-profit organisations, and social economy companies, which develop their activities in the field of the social and labour integration of groups in risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people.
lagLAG Brandenburg e.V.
is a non-profit third sector organisation and provides civic, human rights and cultural education. In its own educational activities, it focuses on topics and approaches relevant for the educational inclusion of disadvanteged learner groups. 
unituniT – Association for culture at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz
is an initiative for launching innovative creative positions and programmes. uniT has been involved in adult education from it´s very beginning in 2000 until today. On the intersection of arts, education and social concerns uniT addresses different learners, communities and groups.