In Genoa, a Museum on “Memories and migrations”

An interactive, multi-media museum display in Genoa helps visitors to discover the history of migrations.

The history of emigration from and immigration to Italy is traced in an exhibition at the Galata Museum of the Sea in Genoa. 1,200 square meters on the museum’s third floor are home to the permanent exhibition “Memory And Migrations – MEM”.

The exhibition features 40 interactive stations. Visitors can follow the footsteps of the 29 million Italians who left in search of a better life between 1800 and 1900 (only a third of them came back). About forty years ago, in the 1970s foreign immigration to Italy began, documented by photographs projected on the walls and the screening of “travel postcards” depicting foreign countries and immigrants.

The exhibition includes one of the first boats arrived in Lampedusa island following the “Arab Spring”, a small vessel, showing better than words the harshness and danger of these journeys, based of hope and despair.

A section, provocatively called “Who’s stealing our jobs?” focuses on jobs and employment.

More information on the exhibition you find here.
For information (in Italian) on the Galata Museum click here.

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